Vision & Mission


The New Vision For Agriculture (NVA), Defined By World Economic Forum Partners In 2009, Holds That To Meet The World’s Needs, Sustainable Agriculture Must Simultaneously Deliver Food Security, Environmental Sustainability And Economic Opportunity. Achieving Those Goals Requires A Transformation Of The Agriculture Sector, Leveraging Market-Based Approaches Through A Coordinated Effort By All Stakeholders, Including Farmers, Government, Civil Society And The Private Sector. The Key Success Factors Of Agriculture-Sector Transformation At The National Level Include Setting The Right Direction Through Effective Leadership, Strategy And Investment Models, And Scaling The Transformation Through Finance, Infrastructure, Institutions And Monitoring.  Also To Change The Food Production System.


Our Mission Is To Deliver Healthy And Fresh Organic Farm Products To Our Consumers At A Fair Price Support Value Addition In The Post-Harvest Segments Of Agriculture Value-Chains; Facilitate Agribusiness Investments Through Inclusive Business Models That Provide Opportunities To Small Farmers Stimulate The Establishment Of Small And Medium Enterprises; And Support Resilience Of Agriculture Production Systems To Better Manage Increasing Production And Commercial Risks Associated With Climate Change.

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