About Jekoya

Blockchain Ecosystem based Agritech Center , in every country agriculture is a backbone of the Economy as Agriculture is the oldest food production sector in the world. Human race completely depends on it for survival. However, It’s yet not an organized sector.

In the earlier century, people’s earnings completely depended on the Agriculture. When we step into the era of technology people move from Agriculture to the Industrial sector which decreases the production of food. Despite thinking about our survival necessity “Food production”, we are focusing on the Industrial Production, Mining, Information Technology Expansion, Building Corporates and Development of concrete jungle.

World population is increasing every day which increases the demand for food. Due to this, we are moving towards high demand and less supply. Soon, it will become a reason for inflation.We have a solution to all the above problems, come with us on the tour of Jekoya.Jekoya is the advanced method of farming. We increase crops production and profitability through utilizing fewer natural resources and maximizing the use of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Renewable Energy and Technological Innovation.

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