ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Technological innovation in Agriculture AI based sensor farming. BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY ABOUT US


Less Utilization of Natural Resources

Organized Sector


Cold Storage Availability


Industrial Overview

In the next two decades, Jekoya will totally reform the effectiveness Farms around the world. It will not come soon. By 2050, the population Will is nearing 10. Billion-Which means we will need to double the amount of our every Production. Now This is an innovation that is constantly emerging to the test of agriculture Will help us get there. The industry has known substantial development in the last century 100 several years ago, agriculture. It looks like this Today. It looks like this Tomorrow looks like This one. These changes have caused many of us to use our lives for interesting things.



Farming all season vegetables / Fruits under one Roof


Proper Usage Of Advance Tech In Agriculture


Less Consumption With More Production


Organic Fertilizer From Natural Resources


Agricultural Ecosystem is created by human based on their experiments and experience. Usually, Ecosystem is managed to produce organic products, crops and animal product. Ecosystem plays very important role in Agriculture industry and we are maintaining very advance and effective Ecosystem in Jekoya. In Jekoya you will find team of AI, dummy environment, water preservation, electricity generate plays an important role in our Agri tech program. Jekoya Ecosystem provides structured format for stage wise updated knowledge.

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Organic Farming

Use of AI

Use of Natural resources

Tracking and Monitoring

Reduce water consumption

Recycle process

Quality measure

Ready for shipments

About Jekoya

Blockchain Ecosystem based Agritech Center , in every country agriculture is a backbone of the Economy as Agriculture is the oldest food production sector in the world. Human race completely depends on it for survival. However, It’s yet not an organized sector.
In the earlier century, people’s earnings completely depended on the Agriculture. When we step into the era of technology people move from Agriculture to the Industrial sector which decreases the production of food. Despite thinking about our survival necessity “Food production”, we are focusing on the Industrial Production, Mining, Information Technology Expansion, Building Corporates and Development of concrete jungle.


Fund Allocation

27% | Agri Infrastructure Fund
19% | AP Research and Development
18% | Reserve Fund
14% | Renewable Energy
9%   | Project Development
8%   | Marketing Campaign
3%   | Legal
2%   | Licensing

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